TOPS – Technical Outreach for Public Schools

The Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services, under contract with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Accountability Services has two primary responsibilities: (1) technical assistance, publishing assistance, and delivery for a wide range of tests to assess student and school performance and (2) analyzing and reporting results to Accountability Services. This contract is titled “Technical Outreach for Public Schools (TOPS).”  The work of TOPS responds directly to contract obligations and requests of NCDPI Accountability Services.

NCDPI Accountability Services currently oversees a testing program that includes NC Ready End-of-Grade Tests, NC Ready End-of-Course Tests, NC Final Exams,  and others. In addition, it operates the states’ accountability data collection and reporting duties and produces a collection of reports for monitoring progress of individual students, classrooms, schools, school systems, and the state.

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