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NC Education is a resource for the accountability and testing program of North Carolina Public Schools.  Most resources located here are presented within an online course format.  Some of the courses are available for self-enrollment. Some courses have prerequisites and require a one-time "enrollment key", which you would receive once you meet prerequisites. Several courses have access restrictions based on duties assigned and you will either have been provided an "enrollment key" from someone, be automatically enrolled in these courses, or be prevented from access.

NC Education includes online training for:

NC Education has online educational and management tools for:


NC FALCON is still available with open enrollment so that all K-12 and non-K-12 educators (e.g., university staff) can access them. To enroll, go to and use your NC Education login. Included in NC FALCON are

  • Importance of Formative Assessment
  • Learning Targets and Criteria for Success
  • Collecting and Documenting Evidence of Learning
  • Analyzing Evidence and Descriptive Feedback
  • Administrator’s Role
  • Student Ownership of Learning
  • Literacy Strategies to Scaffold Learning

as well as PLCs, Formative Assessment Plans and Additional Resources.


Please note that most of the PD modules originally hosted at this site have moved. Most of the PD offerings are now available through the North Carolina Home Base PD system.

NC K-12 educators can register for NCDPI online PD opportunities through the NCEES Home Base system by logging into the system and clicking on the PD tab or by using the alternate log in

Open Access Modules are located on NC Education PD (

Charter School Governance Board Training

Preparation for Foundation of Reading Licensure Exam

Preparation for the N.C. General Curriculum Mathematics Subtest

Understanding Student Behavior in the Classroom

Understanding Young Student Behavior in the Classroom

Understanding the Role of School Resource Officers in Schools

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