Career Pathway: SREB Health Informatics (HEIN)
Career Cluster: Health Science (HLTH)
Program Area: Health Science Education (HS)

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SREB Health Informatics (HEIN)

Middle Grades Exploration
Foundational Prerequisite Option(s)
Prerequisite Option(s)
Concentrator Option(s)
Career Pathway Major Options
HV11 SREB AC Hlth Informatics I-Data and Use
HV12 SREB AC Hlth Informatcs II-Trnsform Data
HV13 SREB AC Hlth Inform II-Trnsform Info Hon
HV14 SREB AC Hlth Inform IV-Prob Solutn Hon
WB29 CTE Advanced Studies HLTH
WB30 CTE Apprenticeship HLTH
WB31 CTE Internship HLTH
WB32 CTE Entrepreneurial Experience HLTH
WL72 CTE Pre-apprenticeship HLTH
Cooperative Education
Supplemental Employability Skills Courses
0I00 IB Personal and Professional Skills
BM10 Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
CC45 Career Management
Supplemental Technical Courses
Work-based and Experiential Learning
Business and Industry Field Trip
Job Shadowing
Service Learning
Cooperative Education
Entrepreneurial Experience
School-based Enterprise
Career & College Promise
Approved Career & College Promise Career Technical Education Pathway
Career and Technical Student Organizations
HOSA - Future Health Professionals

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