Career Pathway: Digital Design and Animation (DIDE)
Career Cluster: Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications (AAVC)
Program Area: Computer Science, IT, and Technology Education (CSITT)

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Digital Design and Animation (DIDE)

Middle Grades Exploration
Foundational Prerequisite Option(s)
Prerequisite Option(s)
Concentrator Option(s)
Career Pathway Major Options
CY13 Apple: Everyone Can Code I - Puzzles
CY14 Apple: Everyone Can Code II - Adventures
CY20 Computer Science Discoveries I
CY21 Computer Science Discoveries II
CY22 Computer Science Discoveries III
CY30 Coding in Minecraft - Introductory
CY31 Coding in Minecraft - Intermediate
CY32 Coding in Minecraft - Advanced
EY10 Expl Persn Characterist and Career
EY11 Exploring Careers and Employment
TY00 Engr: Exploring Technology I
TY01 Engr: Exploring Technology II
TY02 Engr: Invention and Innovation I
TY03 Engr: Invention and Innovation II
TY04 Engr: Technological Systems I
TY05 Engr: Technological Systems II
TS24 Digital Design and Animation I
TS25 Digital Design and Animation II
WB09 CTE Advanced Studies AAVC
WB10 CTE Apprenticeship AAVC
WB11 CTE Internship AAVC
WB12 CTE Entrepreneurial Experience AAVC
WL67 CTE Pre-apprenticeship AAVC
Cooperative Education
Supplemental Employability Skills Courses
0I00 IB Personal and Professional Skills
BM10 Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
CC45 Career Management
Supplemental Technical Courses
II43 Adobe Digital Design I
ME11 Entrepreneurship I
Work-based and Experiential Learning
Business and Industry Field Trip
Job Shadowing
Service Learning
Cooperative Education
Entrepreneurial Experience
School-based Enterprise
Career & College Promise
Approved Career & College Promise Career Technical Education Pathway
Career and Technical Student Organizations
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Technology Student Association (TSA)

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