Career Pathway: Game Art Design (GAAR)
Career Cluster: Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications (AAVC)
Program Area: Computer Science, IT, and Technology Education (CSITT)

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Game Art Design (GAAR)

Middle Grades Exploration
Foundational Prerequisite Option(s)
Prerequisite Option(s)
Concentrator Option(s)
Career Pathway Major Options
CY01 Keyboarding and Basic Word Processing
CY02 Introduction to Office Productivity
CY03 Office Productivity Applications
CY04 Digital Literacy
CY13 Apple: Everyone Can Code I - Puzzles
CY14 Apple: Everyone Can Code II - Adventures
CY20 Computer Science Discoveries I
CY21 Computer Science Discoveries II
CY22 Computer Science Discoveries III
CY30 Coding in Minecraft - Introductory
CY31 Coding in Minecraft - Intermediate
CY32 Coding in Minecraft - Advanced
EY10 Expl Persn Characterist and Career
EY11 Exploring Careers and Employment
TS24 Digital Design and Animation I
TS31 Game Art and Design
TS32 Advanced Game Art and Design
WB09 CTE Advanced Studies AAVC
WB10 CTE Apprenticeship AAVC
WB11 CTE Internship AAVC
WB12 CTE Entrepreneurial Experience AAVC
WL67 CTE Pre-apprenticeship AAVC
Cooperative Education
Supplemental Employability Skills Courses
0I00 IB Personal and Professional Skills
BM10 Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
CC45 Career Management
Supplemental Technical Courses
II43 Adobe Digital Design I
MM51 Marketing
Work-based and Experiential Learning
Business and Industry Field Trip
Job Shadowing
School-based Enterprise
Service Learning
Cooperative Education
Entrepreneurial Experience
Career & College Promise
Approved Career & College Promise Career Technical Education Pathway
Career and Technical Student Organizations
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Technology Student Association (TSA)

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