Career Pathway: Teaching/Training (TETR)
Career Cluster: Education & Training (EDUC)
Program Area: Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FCS)

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Teaching/Training (TETR)

Middle Grades Exploration
Foundational Prerequisite Option(s)
Prerequisite Option(s)
Concentrator Option(s)
Career Pathway Major Options
EY10 Expl Persn Characterist and Career
EY11 Exploring Careers and Employment
FY10 Exploring Social and Emotional Skills
FY14 Exploring Childcare
FE21 Teaching as a Profession I
FE22 Teaching as a Profession II
FE23 Teaching as a Profession Field Exp
WB17 CTE Advanced Studies EDUC
WB18 CTE Apprenticeship EDUC
WB19 CTE Internship EDUC
WB20 CTE Entrepreneurial Experience EDUC
WL69 CTE Pre-apprenticeship EDUC
Cooperative Education
Supplemental Employability Skills Courses
0I00 IB Personal and Professional Skills
BM10 Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
CC45 Career Management
Supplemental Technical Courses
FC11 Principles of Family and Human Services
FC13 Counseling and Mental Health I
FE11 Early Childhood Education I
FE60 Child Development
Work-based and Experiential Learning
Business and Industry Field Trip
Job Shadowing
Service Learning
Cooperative Education
Entrepreneurial Experience
School-based Enterprise
Career & College Promise
Approved Career & College Promise Career Technical Education Pathway
Career and Technical Student Organizations
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

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