The Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services (CUACS) at North Carolina State University has served the citizens of North Carolina since 1966. Over the years, we have expanded our services to help state agencies, local government agencies, public education agencies as well as nonprofit organizations respond to the vast changes occurring in our society.

Today, we assist our clients who have a variety of research needs and projects requiring technical support. We provide service through the following divisions:

  • Technical Assistance to Public Schools
  • Applied Social Science Research

CUACS offers a variety of valuable services ranging from survey research and program evaluation to Internet assistance and Web applications support. Our staff includes over seventy dedicated professionals with credentials in the areas of education, assessment, social and behavioral sciences, demography, child development, statistics and research methodology, program evaluation, and needs analysis.

Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services – Quick Facts

  • Celebrating fifty-five years of service to the citizens of North Carolina.
  • Mandated to serve the citizens of North Carolina through research and technical assistance.
  • Founded by the North Carolina legislature in 1966 to provide research and technical assistance to state and local governments.
  • Original research focus was addressing problems associated with urbanization.
  • Mission quickly expanded to include a variety of survey, outcome, and program evaluation research and supporting K–12 public education programs.
  • Relocated from the NC State University’s 1911 Building to the Jane S. McKimmon Center in 1976.
  • The Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services is a division of the NC State University NC State Continuing and Lifelong Education.