The Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services was established in 1966 on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh as a part of the Urban Studies Program of the University of North Carolina. The Center’s goal is to provide research and technical assistance to government agencies and non-profit organizations to address problems, social issues, and challenges faced by North Carolinians. The Center is a unit of NC State Continuing and Lifelong Education (NCSCaLE) and, as such, provides services through the extension component of NCSCaLE.

The Center can provide research assistance in the broad areas of social sciences, education, human services, policy analysis, and program evaluation and makes use of the full range of knowledge and expertise of the University community as a whole. The Center can carry out research projects or provide technical assistance in any aspect of project management, design, or operation.


Have you ever needed technical assistance to find solutions to questions or problems faced by your organization? The Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services has the solution you are seeking. We provide research and technical assistance services to North Carolina’s public schools and state agencies as well as local municipalities and non-profit organizations.

Our staff of experienced professionals hold degrees in social and behavioral science, education, statistics, psychometrics, and content areas relevant to public school curricula.

As part of a land grant university, we share its mission to improve the lives of North Carolina citizens. Let us know how we can help you with your next project!

Yevonne Brannon, PhD, Executive Director
Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services
(919) 515-3211