Test Development Training

This category of courses covers test development training for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Accountability Services.

These courses are designed for anyone interested in learning how to write and/or review assessment items for the North Carolina Testing Program based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

These courses provide an overview of the test development process and the basic rules and structures of item formats allowed by the North Carolina Testing Program.  Upon completion of a at least one B-level course and at least one C-level course, those interested in item writing and/or reviewing should complete an application for becoming an item writer or reviewer.

The design of these courses is generally linear, requiring the online student to step through each resource (Web page, PDF, etc.) in a structured sequence.  At the end of most topic areas, students are required to take a short quiz before moving to the next topic area to demonstrate understanding of the presented material.  All online quizzes may be taken as many times as needed in order to meet the requirements for moving forward in the course.  Once  students have viewed a resource, they are able to return to it for reference any time.