Program Evaluation and Outcomes Research

CUACS conducts research to assess program effectiveness based on client outcomes. This research supports administrators and service workers in their attempts to provide more useful and comprehensive services for clients.

Evaluation research draws on the theories and methods of the social sciences to identify the extent to which programs reach their intended beneficiaries; how well the programs function; and the degree to which, and at what cost, a program achieves its intended goals. Our evaluation research focuses on the benefits of a program or service to the individual, the community and/or state, and the agency under which the program operates.

Our services include:

  • Consultation on program evaluation strategies
  • Development of outcome measures
  • Management of client databases
  • Economic analysis of program effectiveness
  • Analysis of secondary data
  • Needs assessment studies
  • Customer/Consumer Satisfaction Research

Research & Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistance or advice on how to begin your next research project, please contact:

Chris Gregory, PhD
Applied Research Manager
(919) 515-1312

We can conduct your project or provide technical assistance in any of our research areas: