Survey Research

CUACS conducts studies of targeted and general populations and provides assistance in sample design, data collection, and analysis of survey data. Our staff can conduct research projects from inception to completion or provide technical assistance in any phase of the research process. We are experienced in conducting attitudinal and opinion research in a broad range of substantive areas including: education, community development, feasibility studies, environmental policies, agriculture, and consumer satisfaction. We use measurement procedures from short paper-and-pencil questionnaires to online questionnaires to intensive one-on-one in-depth interviews. Let us help you decide which survey method best fits your research needs. We can also help you design and construct your survey, collect and analyze your data, and write up your results.

We provide consulting services if you are conducting your own research and just need advice on some of the procedures such as:

  • Design of data collection instruments
  • Data collection: In-person, mail, web-based and telephone surveys
  • Sample selection and tracking
  • Data entry and editing
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Writing

Research & Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistance or advice on how to begin your next research project, please contact:

Chris Gregory, PhD
Applied Research Manager
(919) 515-1312

We can conduct your project or provide technical assistance in any of our research areas: