Access to Testing News, updates, bulletins, memos, Administrative Guides, Test Materials Ordering, shipping calendars, and test materials handling information.

How to use Winscan, scanners, and how to create reports in Winscan and Individual Report software.

The Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services provides access to secure state test materials to non-public schools through the Non-Public Schools Testing Program (NPSTS). This program is sanctioned by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and is operated on a cost recovery basis.

NCTest is the application used to deliver online tests to North Carolina schools.  This course details the NCTest application, requirements, and features.

The Accountability Configuration Control Board is an oversight group that advises on Accountability systems changes and enhancements to meet overall goals of efficent an effective solutions for statewide student information.

The purpose of this course is for collaboration and communication between NCDPI Accountability and the Regional Accountability staff.

This course contains documentation on SAS server, workstation installations, connection and use.