Technical Requirements for NCTest

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Technical Requirements for NCTest v4 (use starting August 16, 2013)

  • NCTest content is NOT allowed to be cached via web proxy, content delivery networks, local client, or other cache technologies longer than the period needed to deliver the test to the student.
  • Secure Web Browser-based and native tablet app online assessment - See NCTest Support for details and requirements for each platform supported.
  • 1024 x 768 Screen resolution for best performance.  Lower vertical resolutions for netbooks are possible, but will increase the amount of scrolling and other user interface adjustments (changing the size of screen display areas) to fully access items.
  • Screen size must be 9.5" or larger
  • See NCTest Support for operating systems and devices supported
  • LEAs/school using iPads must follow iPad Restrictions Configuration (
  • LEAs/schools must allow all web traffic (including JavaScript, mp3, ogg, mp4 files, images, etc.) from and and secure).
  • NCTest Secure browser launches full screen so control for pop-up windows is NOT necessary
  • NCTest Secure browser must retain focus during test administrations so screen savers or other tools that may interrupt the current application running (NCTest) must be disabled.
  • Test takers WILL NOT have to move to windows outside of the test administration window.
  • Bandwidth footprint per student test session is similar to many other Internet applications.
  • Reference and follow MCNC/NCREN K12 Technical Papers and Recommended Practices
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