iPad Restrictions Configuration for NCTest App use

Please refer to documentation by Apple on iPad/iOS Restrictions, Enterprise and Configurator Support

Functionality restrictions REQUIRED for use of iPads for online testing using NCTest App 
(see NCTest v4 Technical Requirements https://center.ncsu.edu/ncaccount/mod/page/view.php?id=987)

  • Allow use of camera: Off
  • Allow FaceTime: Off
  • Allow screen capture: Off
  • Allow Photo Stream: Off
  • Allow Shared Photo Stream: Off
  • Allow Passbook notifications while locked: Off
  • Allow iMessage (Supervised Only): Off
  • Allow voice dialing: off
  • Allow Siri: Off
  • Allow Siri while device is locked: Off
  • Enable Siri Profanity Filter (Supervised Only): On
  • Allow Bookstore (Supervised Only): Off
  • Allow Erotica (Supervised Only): Off
  • Allow installing apps: Off
  • Allow removing apps (Supervised Only): Off
  • Allow in-app purchase: Off
  • Require iTunes password for all purchases: On
  • Allow iCloud document sync: Off
  • Allow iCloud backup: Off
  • Allow automatic sync while roaming: Off
  • Force encrypted backups: NA
  • Allow Location Services: Off
  • Allow users to accept untrusted TLS certificates: Off
  • Allow Configuration Profile Installation (Supervised Only): NA
  • Send diagnostic and usage data to Apple: Off

Application restrictions

  • Allow use of YouTube: Off
  • Allow use of iTunes Store: Off
  • Allow use of Game Center (Supervised Only): Off
  • Allow multiplayer gaming: Off
  • Allow adding Game Center friends: Off
  • Allow use of Safari: Off
  • Allow use of NCTest: On
  • Enable autofill: Off
  • Force fraud warning: On
  • Enable JavaScript: On
  • Block pop-ups: Off
  • Accept cookies: All

Media content restrictions

  • Ratings region: US
  • Allowed content ratings: NA
  • Allow explicit music, podcasts & iTunes U: Off
Last modified: Tuesday, 21 May 2013, 9:29 AM